International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP)
EFIAP - Excellence FlAP

Applicants for EFIAP in prints, slides or projected images should have received a minimum of 150 acceptances, including those gained in AFIAP, over a period of 12 more months (no upper limit). The photographer must have used a minimum of 50 works from 30 different salons, in 15 different countries and to have received at least 5 awards, including the awards from the AFIAP submission.

  Gained Required for EFIAP
Total Acceptances Gained 174 Completed
Total Works Used 52 Completed
Total Salons Entered 30 Completed
Total Countries Entered 17 Completed
Total Awards Gained 13 Completed
Exhibition Points Scored Kn Fiap

British Photographic Exhibitions

The National Exhibitions which are members of the British Photographic Exhibitions offer a Crown Award system designed to enable successful exhibition photographers to gain additional recognition. Exhibitors are invited to aggregate their acceptances in the affiliated exhibitions and, upon reaching the accepted aggregate, to apply without charge for a Crown Rating Award.

BPE1 Crown Award - 25 points
BPE2 Crown Award - 50 points
BPE3 Crown Award - 100 points
BPE4 Crown Award - 200 points
BPE5 Crown Award - 300 points
Gained Required for BPE5*
Total Acceptances Gained 200 100 more
Exhibition Points Scored Kn Bpe