General Links

John Birch Photography
John is a fellow member of Worksop Photographic Society and has established himself as one of the best photographers in the club. His images range from high quality technically perfect wildlife shots to equally skillfully captured landscapes.
Doug Chinnery Photography
Doug is a photographer based in North Nottinghamshire, specialising in landscapes and fine art nature photography and represented by stock libraries world-wide, including Getty and Alamy.
Photo Pro Images
PhotoProImages a website featuring a portfolio of photographs by Worksop born photographer Alan Janaszek.
Keith Naylor's Photoblog
~My photoblog where I will be publishing new images from my portfolio as they are produced. This will be the place to see my new work, my mistakes, my successes before the rest of the world gets a glimpse.
John Cox Health - Physiotherapist and Sports Massage
Carry all those lenses and cameras for a few years and you will soon need the services of a good physiotherapist. I visit John regularly and can recommend him without reservation. John has a very professional attitude, but is down to earth and will not only have your aches and pains sorted out he will have you smiling and laughing too.
Photoshop Action Central
Find all your Photoshop actions such as 'Draganizer' here.
Photography Resources for Kids and Teens
Some photography ideas for kids to try.

Photographic Organisations

Links to the various organisations to which I submit images.
Digital Artists & Photography Associates (DAPA) Group
An Award Winning Exhibition & Distinction group, This is a top flight group, a specialist group for members wishing to take their photography to the next level. By this we mean exhibiting work at both National and International level, in doing so you will be competing for a place along side some of the best amateur photographers in the world. Therefore, the aim of this group is to work together as a team, in order to push the limits o
NEMPF - North and East Midlands Photographic Federation
My local regional federation website, N&EMPF
PAGB - Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
The governing body of photographic clubs in Great Britain
BPE - British Photographic Exhibitions
The BPE exists to encourage photographers to enter exhibitions and to recognize successful entrants via the issue of the Crown Awards photographic distinctions. Exhibition members share ideas, promote each other's exhibitions and generally work together to promote competitive photography
FIAP - Federation International de l'Art Photographique
FIAP is an international federation which affiliates as operational members, the national associations of photography. Photographers must contact the representative federation in their country. Since September 2004, FIAP allows regional and local associations to become individual members, with reduced rights,

Inspirational Sites

Websites with collections of images I find particularly inspiring.
I like most types of photography, therefore there could be quite a mix of styles here.
Daniel Sroka - fine art abstracts of nature
Photographs that celebrate the physical and spiritual grace of the simplest elements of nature. Some really nice flower abstract macros.

Photographic Tools and Software

The Photographer's Ephemeris
Landscape photographers typically wish to plan their shoots around the times of sunrise/sunset or twilight, or alternatively when the moon is in a particular place in a particular phase. The Photographer's Ephemeris is a free tool which helps caculate when and where to take your best images.

Even better is the new version for the iPhone. Now you can use it on location. Simply stunning.

Although it is free I encourage you to donate to the upkeep and development of this fantastic tool.